TSM offers 30+ years of playing-surface construction and development expertise. 


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New Court Construction

TSM has experience building courts at all scales, from private residences to as large as 12-court tennis complexes. Before we begin any job, we provide you with an accurate cost estimate for the court of your dreams on a project budget you can afford. Please contact us for a free quote or consultation.

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court resurfacing

The life of a tennis court surface can last 8-15 years depending on the location, use, and exposure to the elements. We recommend resurfacing every 8-10 years. In this time cracks and imperfections will emerge and begin to impede play, however the underlying foundation is still sound. Our Plexipave color resurfacing will make your court look as good as it did on day one. Please contact us for a free quote or consultation.


Court Cleaning and maintenance

Courts exposed to the elements experience a gradual build up of algae, dirt and other debris that can interfere with play. We recommend court cleaning once every two years to keep your court looking brand new and in excellent condition.

Pricing is variable based on location and number of courts. Please contact us for a free quote or consultation.


Other Services

Rubberized Crack Filler and Court Repair Supplies

We offer do it your self kits and supplies. Our rubberized crack filler is easy to use and custom blended for any size crack up to 2" wide. If you need it, chances are we can supply it or have it in stock.

Note: Crack filling is great for minimizing the crack but is not a permanent repair. Our rubberized crack filler will allow the surface to expand and contract without displacing the crack filler, unlike other hard non-flexible crack fillers available. 

Indoor Tennis Court
Backdrop Curtains and Netting

We offer full-service custom backdrops, divider netting, replacement divider bottoms and windscreens for new or replacement conditions. We also provide suspension systems, upgrades, tune ups or repairs for your tennis facility.

Tennis Nets and Court Equipment

We stock Edwards Tennis nets, Rol-dri systems, scorekeepers and Tidi-court. Please call or email for availability and pricing.